Meet Me Halfway

Meet Me Halfway

Thursday, September 11, 2014

1st Year

It’s been a rather rough transition into the great Northwest. The weather blows and I’m not referring to the wind that rattles the windows as we speak. Well, you know what I mean. I am not, have not, nor will I ever be a lover of the cold! I miss the sun and the beach like I’d miss parts of my anatomy if they were to be lopped off. Hmm…I’ll come back to that in a bit. The summer draws to an end and I’m approaching a couple anniversaries. One year with my lovely wife and one year on the tundra know as Idaho.
One year married to my best friend. That’s a good thing! We’ve seen some serious ups and downs in the nine plus years since we met. Where did it begin? Glad you asked! While on a work trip in the Treasure Valley, I stopped at an Albertson’s in order to buy some bananas and bread. Weird combo. At the cash register I had a moment with the young lady ringing me out. A moment where our eyes met and we exchanged useless words trying not to stare. I took a deep breath and ran out of that store before I could fall any deeper into those eyes. Now that is some sappy shit! I made it all the way to the car before realizing that in my haste I had forgotten to buy my smokes. Damn. Make a plan and stick to it. Go back in and go directly to the customer service counter not even looking towards the checkout lanes get you smokes and dash. Hi I need two packs of…oh shit it’s her. Wait, you were at the checkout lane. Turns out the front end manager was just helping out to get the lines down quickly. Blast this woman. We had a smoke together and made plans to have lunch the next day. I met Isaiah and walked the mall with the two of them. A good day. A good week, a really good week. ;-)! The following years of back & forth, love & hate, up & down, black & white left us bruised and even more fond of one another. A few kids, a divorce, numerous failed relationships and 2700 miles led us to the best decision we’ve made to date. I admit that I miss being in Florida with instant access to my kiddos and friends there. I am, however, very happy with the fact that I am able to provide for them now unlike when I was still in FL looking for a decent job. I still think that I am grossly underemployed but things are headed in the right direction. It is tough living in a state that has fewer people than Broward County, has the highest percentage of minimum wage jobs in America, and is more expensive to live in than my home back in Ormond. Not sure where these folks get off charging what they do for this wonderful valley life but it sucks.
What has been my solace is having a wonderful partner that is so very supportive in my quest to achieve more and be better. I made it back home in the spring and hung with my minis then Julie conspired with my teenager to have her make a surprise visit with us a short time ago. I miss them and look forward to our next visit.
 The thing that has been a serious thorn in my side (aside from being in the NW) has been my health. This getting old shit has really started getting old! I have had a molar split and have to be extracted, been placed on fulltime asthma medication, and just last week had my foot restructured. On a side note, that had to be the worst pain I can recall ever having. I said EVER, people. Just to be sure though I am going to have a little more work next week. Yeah, getting back to that “lopped off” mention earlier. It would appear that my *boys* have a bit of an issue down there. The right guy decided that he didn’t like his birth partner and decided to grow his very own primordial twin. No, I’m not some freakish three nutted circus attraction. It’s more like a tumor that’s all. They’ll slice the ne’er-do-well away and hopefully leave me as whole as before. Last thing I need is a cancer scare, but a GoFundMe could do wonders for my bank account. Hmm….

At any rate, I’m happy to have the best wife ever. She’s been there every step of the way and I cannot imagine going through this shit without her. You’re the best, babe! When I come out from under anesthesia I’ll be happy to see her smiling face. It will be general anesthesia this round and from what I hear that will be a good thing for all parties involved. Appears that I was an incessantly bitching and belligerent prick during my foot surgery. Doc told Julie that halfway through he looked at the anesthesiologist and said “put him under!” Hey, it’s not my fault that he had country music blasting the whole time. Has he never watched Nip/Tuck?

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