Meet Me Halfway

Meet Me Halfway

Thursday, May 10, 2012

huffin' & puffin'!

I’ve come to learn that I am more apt to finish something when I think somebody is watching me…..well, unless I am in the mood to be an ass. In that case I just may toy with you. However, pressure seems to be a driving point in my task completion cycle. That being said, I’m going to enlist a few of you for the remainder of the year to watch me so that I actually accomplish my goal.
Some twenty six years ago I ran my first one minute quarter mile. I had no idea how good that was as an eighth grader, but soon learned. I worked my way down through the 50s over the next few years and as a junior in high school I finally broke the 50 second barrier. 23 years is a long damned time! I have resigned that I will never be that fast again or that thin again. Hell, at one point I had reached 100 pounds over my Naval enlistment weight. Chubba-Wubba! I have been following a few people in their Spartan Race fiascos and have decided that I will register for a race before 2012 is up. Annnnnnd since I will obviously have to get into shape for this I am also going to make an attempt at a one minute quarter mile before I leave my “Ruby” year. Not asking for a lot right? Hahaha, I’m going to die. This Spartan thing is grueling and I really hope I can finish. Then again, I’m a bit hard-headed so I think I will get through it………lights will be on the cameras will be off, but I will finish dammit!  
I’ve had a less than happy year since I turned 40. I’ve spent far too many nights fretting over things that I have no earthly control over. I had a moment……a divining moment, if you will, that lasted about five days and cost around $2500 that brought me a bit more into reality. I’m thankful for a few friends and coworkers that saw a problem and came to my aid. It was definitely a downward spiral, a flat spin. Looking forward I think I can concentrate on the shit I can fix and let the rest just drop. Not changing anything by worrying about it.

So today I weigh in and take the dreaded “before” picture. Wish me luck. Watch out ladies, this old fart is coming back!

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